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Parkmate sensors are the next best thing to a personal valet. Employing the latest in object sensing technology, Parkmate sensors are developed & manufactured by world leading sensor manufacturers. Parkmate sensors help you not only to park your vehicle, but also prevent accidents and potentially disastrous incidents with other objects and even people. During parking, systems employ Parkmate sensors to detect nearby objects that might not be in your field of view and enlist audible signals and illuminated displays to help you park. When your car’s proximity is too close to an object in the detection zone, an audible alarm sounds which increases in intensity in proportion to your distance from the object, simultaneously displaying the direction and distance.

Parking Assist System with 4 Ultrasonic Sensors

4 Sensor Rear Parking Assist System with Wireless Buzzer & Audible Alerts

Parking Assist System with 4 Ultrasonic Sensors includes a display with audiable alerts