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PTS400 Rear Parking Assist System with Buzzer

The PTS400 features a Rear Parking Assist System with Buzzer. 



The PTS400 features a Rear Parking Assist System with Buzzer. 
This rear parking assist system comes with 4 sensors. This kit offers precise detection using digital sensing technology that uses real-time feedback and sophisticated DSP to provide the fastest and most accurate detection possible. The sensors are compatible with tow-bars or spare wheels, therefore the system can be taught to ignore these fixed objects. The sensors are designed to work in all weather conditions incuding in very cold or hot environments, they ensure a high degree of accuracy and the units high speed ECU assures accurate readings. 

Features and Specifications


  •     Voltage Input: 9~16V DC
  •     Rear Detection range: 0.1~2.5m
  •     Operating temperature: -40℃~+85℃
  •     Beeper SPL: 70~90dB
  •     Intelligent Detection for TowBar/Spare Tyre
  •     Self - Test Function